Visitor's Profile

The International Hospitality & Catering Exhibition (IHCE) attracts a wide range of visitors from various sectors of the hospitality and catering industry. The visitor profile for IHCE typically includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Hoteliers and Accommodation Professionals: Owners, operators, managers, and decision-makers from hotels, resorts, and other accommodation establishments attend IHCE to explore the latest trends, technologies, and services that can enhance guest experiences and improve operational efficiency.
  • Restaurateurs and Food Service Professionals: IHCE attracts restaurant owners, chefs, food and beverage managers, and professionals from the food service industry who are seeking innovative culinary techniques, menu ideas, food products, kitchen equipment, and restaurant management solutions.
  • Caterers and Event Planners: Professionals involved in catering services, banquet management, and event planning visit IHCE to discover new food and beverage trends, event styling concepts, tableware, catering equipment, and other services that can elevate their offerings and create memorable experiences.
  • Food and Beverage Suppliers: Suppliers of food and beverage products, including manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and importers, attend IHCE to showcase their offerings and establish business partnerships with hotels, restaurants, catering companies, and other hospitality establishments.
  • Hospitality Consultants and Industry Experts: IHCE attracts consultants, industry experts, and advisors who provide specialized services to the hospitality and catering sector. They visit the exhibition to stay updated on industry developments, network with industry professionals, and offer their expertise to businesses in need of guidance.
  • Tourism Authorities and Government Representatives: Representatives from tourism boards, government agencies, and regulatory bodies attend IHCE to gain insights into the latest hospitality trends, promote their destinations, and explore opportunities for collaboration and investment in the hospitality sector.
  • Interior Designers and Architects: IHCE attracts professionals involved in hospitality design, including interior designers, architects, and design firms. They visit the exhibition to discover new furniture, fixtures, lighting solutions, decorative elements, and sustainable design concepts for hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality spaces.
  • Purchasing Managers and Procurement Professionals: Individuals responsible for sourcing and procurement within hospitality and catering establishments visit IHCE to explore a wide range of products and services, negotiate deals, and build relationships with suppliers and vendors.
  • Culinary Students and Aspiring Professionals: IHCE offers a valuable learning and networking opportunity for culinary students, aspiring chefs, and young professionals seeking to gain industry insights, explore career options, and connect with potential employers or mentors.
  • Media and Press: Journalists, bloggers, and media representatives specializing in the hospitality and catering industry attend IHCE to report on the latest trends, innovations, and exhibitors, providing coverage and exposure for participating companies.

These visitor profiles represent the diverse range of professionals who attend the International Hospitality & Catering Exhibition (IHCE) with a shared interest in exploring new products, services, and trends within the hospitality and catering industry.